Celler de Batea

The best wines from Terra Alta

Batea´s Cellar contains  the whole of  1.445 hac. vineyards located in regional micro-climates

which characterises these special wines. it´s why there are temperature varieties, very cold

Winters,dry and hot Summers,poor rains and  low productivity. All these factors make special


Batea´s  cellar collects 8.000.000 Kg of grapes a year.45% of white  and 55% of black, about the

following varieties: White Garnacha,Macabeo,Perellada and black Moscatel,black Garnacha,

Merlot,Syrah, gabernet Souvignon and Ull de Llebre.

Batea´s Cellar was founded in 1961 .However,wine growings belongs  to our history and culture

from several centuries.